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Selling your house over the holiday season: Is it a good idea or not?

The holiday season is upon us, so the housing market is slowing down. Many buyers are busy with family and friends, so they’re not looking at houses or making offers. But if you want to sell your house over the holidays, you can get a better deal because there will be less competition for your property. You’ll also have more time to discuss problems with prospective buyers before the New Year.

The winter months tend to be a slow period for home sales. The reason is simple: people travel, are busy with family obligations and celebrations, or stay inside because of bad weather. Most real estate agents know this and can either adapt to the market or work harder to beat it.

Homebuyers are more likely serious about their offers

While you may think selling your house during the holidays will mean more competition and lower prices, this is only sometimes true. The holiday selling season can be an excellent time to be an online seller. Inventory is often reduced, bringing less competition to your marketplace. It is a perfect time to sell because there will be less competition, and buyers are more likely to be serious about their offers because they won’t want to wait until after Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

There is less competition for selling your house over the holidays.

Buying and selling homes is a priority for many people around the holidays. Many potential buyers are eager to get out of their existing homes and into new ones, but they’re not looking to make any significant purchases during the holiday season. This means you’ll have less competition for selling your house over the holidays.

Homes in demand often sell quickly, so there’s no time like now to list yours.

If a buyer comes by during the holidays, they are probably a serious buyer. When buyers purchase homes in the winter, it’s typically due to a recent change in their circumstances, such as a job change or moving for family reasons. They are motivated by time constraints and may be less concerned about price.

They might not be able to look at houses on their own time, so they might need to take advantage of occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving break from work. This also means that if you have someone come by your house during this time, it’s likely that they’re willing to put in an offer on your home—a good sign for sellers!

Remember that buyers may have limited availability when looking for homes

You can get more money if you sell during the holidays.

People do better when selling their homes during the holidays because more buyers are in the market. With many people out shopping for gifts, they can afford to pay a premium for a home they want. Additionally, some buyers won’t be able to get what they want from one store, so they will be willing to pay more than your house’s asking price to get something for their loved ones.

Your house will look better when it’s decorated for the holidays.

If you’re planning to sell your house over the holiday season, it’s a good idea to decorate with festive decorations.

  • Hang Christmas lights in the windows and around the front door.

  • Put up a Christmas tree or other holiday plants in the living room.

  • Hang a wreath on your front door.

  • Personalize your home and make your buyers envision what it’s like to celebrate the holidays in your home.

  • Stage your house and make it look irresistible.

If you’re considering selling your house over the holidays, we recommend you look at what is currently happening in the housing market. Nebraska housing market is peaking, which is perfect for selling your house.

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